Carri Ann Inaba
By Monty Fisher In Hollywood MagazineApril 4, 2007

Carrie Ann Inaba has a to-do list as long as her remarkable and varied career as a dancer, pop star, choreographer, actress and Hollywood producer, and most recently as a judge on the hit show “Dancing with the Stars”. This Hawaiian beauty has an endless curiosity about life, with abundant self confidence culled from success in every area that she has committed herself.
After winning a talent show as a teenager, her first bold career move was to move from her beloved native Hawaii to Japan to be groomed as a pop star. She had to learn the language and culture, sing the Japanese lyrics phonetically, and bear all the pressure of recording and performing for a demanding public.

Carrie Ann decided the pop artist life was not her path, so she entered U.C.L.A where she studied choreography and graduated cum laude with a degree in World Arts & Culture. While in college she landed a role as a Fly Girl on the hit variety show “In Living Color”, the same show that spawned the career of Jim Carey, Jamie Fox, Damon Wayans, and fellow Fly Girl Jennifer Lopez.

From there her Hollywood career took off. Madonna brought her on as a dancer on her “Girl Show World Tour”, and when she asked Carrie Ann to shave her head, she hardly thought twice. Carrie Ann pushed the envelope when she co-choreographed and performed the famous topless erotic pole dance. She also toured with Ricky Martin on his World Tour in 1999 and danced in his music video “Shake your Bon Bon”.



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As an actress, Carrie Ann has appeared in many hit movies. She costarred as ‘Fook Yu’, a pig-tailed Japanese schoolgirl cooing over Mike Meyers with her twin ‘Fook Mi” in “Austin Powers: Goldmember”; and before that she appeared as ‘Felicity Dancer’ in “Austin Powers II: The Spy Who Shagged Me”. She also appeared in “American Virgin” and “Monster Mash”. As a dancer, she was featured in “Boys and Girls”, “Flintstones II”, “Showgirls” and “Lord of Ilusions”.

Carrie Ann is also one of the most sought after choreographers in Hollywood. Her television credits include “American Idol”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, “American Juniors”, “The TV Land Awards”, “The Swan”, “Starting Over”, “Dance Fever” and the “Miss America Pagaent”.

In December 2006, Carrie Ann became the director of the first “Dancing with the Stars” live stage show. This arena tour visited 38 cities and was one of the most successful arena tours to date. Currently Carrie Ann appears twice weekly as one of the three judges on “Dancing With The Stars”. She has gained the reputation as the honest, fearless “tell it like it is” judge on this hit show. “It is a joy to see the professionalism and dedication of all the dancers, but it is my obligation to judge each performance with a critical eye,” says Carrie.

As president of her own company “EnterMediArts” Carrie Ann writes, directs and edits digital documentaries and films. She recently produced and hosted a travel DVD “Tokyology”, a light hearted look at Tokyo, narrated in Japanese and English. Her “to-do list” includes creating a Vegas show, performing on Broadway, acting in a martial arts film, and producing educational videos to benefit children based on arts and culture
One of the hardest working women in Hollywood, Carrie Ann is still a free spirit. “I just go where life takes me. I’m very curious about life. And if something sparks my interest and I get some resonating feeling inside about it, I just go with it.” And it is her amazing grace under the relentless fire of Hollywood that has made Carrie Ann Inaba the amazing star that she is.